Specialty: English to French and French to English translations for web sites, brochures, art/literary, marketing, business, and financial translations.

Also, certified translations of official/legal documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, university or high school diplomas, official transcript, police record, resume, insurance papers, bank statements, divorce decree, adoption papers, promissory note, driving license, statement of Information (RIR), medical documents etc...

Born and raised in France, Chantal taught French for more than twenty five years in the United States. She has received a Certificate in Translation into French issued by the School of Continuing Studies of the University of Toronto (Canada).

Chantal is accredited with the Consulate General of France in Boston. She is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the New England Translators Association (NETA) and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT).

Chantal is an active contributing member of Translators Without Borders (TWB). TWB's mission is to increase access to knowledge through humanitarian translations. TWB work directly with professionals volunteering their time to provide high quality translations.




Stephan LEWIS

Specialty: French to English Translation and Editing for Academic Papers.

Born and raised in the United States, Stephan lives in Sanbornton, NH. He possesses excellent error-free writing skills and can handle a variety of document translation such as doctoral theses, master's degree dissertations, conference reports, and academic assignments, as well as web site translations.




We have the skills to provide you with the quality translation project you expect.

-    We listen to the needs of our clients and make sure we understand them.

-    We might have several projects happening at once, but we have the organizational abilities to finish every project on time.

-    We are reliable and make sure we can do the work we are contracted to do.

-    We are enthusiastic and are willing to go above your expectations.

Our desktop publishing and typesetting skills allow us to return your project in the exact same style and format in which it was submitted. The translation of your birth certificate or diploma will look as official as the original!

As we work through the translation, there may be points that need clarification or explanation. We rely on prompt communication with the client to help explain any content that is unclear to us. Prior to delivery of the final content, all translations are edited and proofread as part as our translation costs.  

Translation process :


-    E-mail your documents to us

-       We review and and send you a free quote. 

-       If you agree with our rate, you make the payment.

-    We e-mail the translated documents to you and when applicable, you have the opportunity to ask questions and make changes before the document is finalized. We can send a paper copy by request. The translation is sent along with a signed "Certificate of Translation Accuracy". We can also have the document notarized free of charge. 



English to French Translation

Compared to English, the French language usually runs longer. From a lay-out perspective this means allowing more space for the French translation than for the English original. While it will vary considerably according to content, expect expansion of around 15-20% for an English to French translation, and a similar contraction for the opposite French to English translation. 


Translation preparation:

Probably the single most useful piece of information you can provide us is a good audience and usage description. A good audience description will have the following:

-  Who will be reading this translation?

-  What regions/countries will those people be in?

-  What not to translate? 


We always like to review the entire content to be translated in its final presentation format (web site, thesis or brochure). We look at the following to develop a translation project scope:

- Volume: the number of words, pages and files we need to work with.

- Technical skills: does the content involve specialist knowledge/skills/vocabulary on our part? For example, pharmaceutical product translations require different skills from a legal contract translation.

- Timeframe: what is the target turnaround time?


It is also important that, once you have sent us your copy, the content is not changed or edited any further at your end until the translation is completed. Issues will arise when making multiple edits to master content during the translation process; tracking the changes becomes difficult and maintaining consistency with the final version can be an issue.

Chantal Lewis      P.O. Box 15, Sanbornton, NH, 03269 USA /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stephan Lewis     P.O. Box 15, Sanbornton, NH 03269 USA /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Contact us now for a free quote to discuss your French to English or English to French translation requirements. Remember to upload your document(s) or tell us the word count. We will respond shortly. All documents and contact information remain strictly confidential.





<< I just wanted to let you know that I received the documents by mail and they are in perfect condition.    Thank you for your professional translation services and I will definitely take advantage of your services in the future. >>  Amanda B.

<< Thank you for the translation and having respected the delay. I am very happy. I will contact you again if I need other translations >>  Lydia A.

<< Thank you very much Chantal. I will definitely recommend you to my French friends who live in the US >> Genevieve G.

<< Dear Chantal, Thank you so much for your translations, they are better than the originals! I look forward to receiving the hard copy, thank you for your hard work >> Richard C.

<< Thanks a lot to Chantal for her excellent work>>  Aude J.  "Translators Without Borders"

<< Thank you so much Chantal for your work done so well and so fast!  It's perfect. >>  Céline N. 

<< I received the certified translation yesterday, thank you very much for your careful work >> Yanyi J.

<< Thank you,  I have received all the documents,  excellent work! I will contact you again for future translations when necessary >>  François C. 

<< Thank you for this very high quality work. Be assured that I will request your services again for future translations >>  Nicolas L.D.

<< You have just done a tremendous job and let me tell you that I am very impressed by the work accomplished. I will recommend you without reserve to my francophone friends who are looking for such a high and perfect quality of service. >>  Hyacinthe S. W.

<< Dear Chantal, you did an amazing work for my paperwork. I will be sure to send people your way, write you a review etc... Your service was prompt, professional and accurate. You communicated with me from the start to the end. Thank you so much, we wish you much success. >>  Carline A.

<<  Thank you very much Chantal, it is always great pleasure working with you. >>  Marie-Genevieve L. 

<<  Thank you for your prompt and excellent services! >> Gisele P.

<<  Thank you Chantal for your receipt. It has been a pleasure to entrust this translation mission to you. >>  Frédéric B.

<< Thank you for the rapidity in doing this translation. I have read it over and find it very well done. (I must say, I have had trouble in the past finding someone who could translate accurately). Everything here looks in order and I am pleased with your work. >> Anne B.


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Que vous soyez une entreprise, un cabinet d'avocats, une agence gouvernementale, une organisation à but non-lucratif, un travailleur indépendant ou encore un étudiant d'une grande école ou d'une université, notre société traitera votre projet avec la même exactitude et conformité, fiabilité et efficacité.



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A Equinox, nous nous comportons en partenaire professionnel avec les entreprises qui ciblent leurs produits vers des marchés de langue française ou anglaise. Un dialogue constant a lieu entre vous même ou le représentant de votre société et nous. Notre priorité est de satisfaire les attentes de nos clients.




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